PC Gamer wants to hear about the hardest games you've played

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Some PC games are so unfair that they stick with you. Whether it's a brutal boss in a singleplayer game or a PvP game that requires an immense amount of skill, some games demand a lot. Even if you don't end up overcoming the odds, the hardest PC games drill their way into your brain and stay there.

The PC Gamer staff already clenched their fists and wrote about the hardest games they've played. Elden Ring's infamous boss almost made us lose our minds and Ghosts 'n Goblins, while full of amazing music, was a nightmare to play. 

Now it's your turn to pick the hardest games you've played.

In the survey below, we want to hear about the hardest games you've played and why they gave you such a hard time. We ask that you give us the name of the game, one or two sentences about why you chose it, and your name so we can quote you in a future article. If you don't have an answer for one of the prompts, feel free to skip it, and please keep your responses civil.

Here is the survey form for you to fill out.

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