PC Gamer wants to clothe your entire family! [US only]


UPDATE: The 30 winners have been selected and contacted! Go check your e-mail and see if you'll finally be able to clothe yourself. But be warned: once you put on these items of clothing... THEY DON'T COME OFF. Thanks to everyone that entered!

Times are tough. The economic turmoils of late have cost some people their homes, their jobs and even the shirts off their backs! Well, PC Gamer is here to right this wrong and bring a little more justice into this cruel, cruel world like an unstoppable superhero made of pure gaming bliss.

This weekend, we'll be opening our cargo holds to give away 30 articles of clothing--all of which have been conveniently branded with different videogames' or developers' logos and artwork by the PR contacts that distributed them to us. While their fashion value may sometimes be questionable, their ability to cover your body and advertise your gaming inclination to the world is unquestionable.

To enter this fine contest, simply send an e-mail to contests@pcgamer.com with the phrase “I am naked” in the subject line (US residents only, please). Optionally, you can include in the body of the email which articles of clothing you want most. We'll draw thirty lucky winners on Monday, April 4th, but cannot guarantee that, if selected, you will receive the article of clothing you so desperately desire--once we get down to the bottom of the barrel, you're getting whatever we grab first. And you'll like it!