PC Gamer US November issue: League of Legends Dominion in-depth guide


For our first-ever cover featuring a free-to-play game, it had to be the incredibly popular League of Legends. Our in-depth guide to LoL's upcoming new Dominion mode will ensure that you have the advantage on launch day by taking you through the ins and outs of the map, plus a look at the map creation process and upcoming champions in the works at Riot Games. As if that wasn't enough, you'll also find a code in every issue for an exclusive Caitlyn skin (good on North American servers only) which will also unlock the champion herself if you've yet to purchase the sultry sniper.

In other mega-news, our extensive Diablo III hands-on preview will tell you everything you need to know about the much-anticipated hack-'n'-slash ahead of the beta, and addresses your Auction House concerns. Meanwhile, we've the inside scoop on supernatural steampunk-style FPS thriller Dishonored and the verdict on the tropical zombie-bonanza that is Dead Island. Missing this issue is, in a word, inadvisable.

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