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As we saunter through the summer, what better way to relax outside in this sweltering heat than with a copy of PC Gamer to pass the time (a magazine that can double as some shade if needed). 

Our cover story is about the explosive Company of Heroes 3 and how Relic has returned to save the RTS genre. This one will blow your socks off. Flicking further into the magazine is our second feature about exploring the long history of the most beloved fantasy settings on PC—D&D's Forgotten Realms.

Our big preview of the month is Guardian's of the Galaxy and we check out if Deus Ex developers Eidos Montreal have successfully adapted a Marvel goliath. We also have previews for Starfield, Aanacrusis, Terra Nil, and Hot Wheels Unleashed. 

This issue is also stacked with reviews, and you can read all about Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance, Chivalry 2, Griftlands, Wildermyth, Scarlet Nexus, Cruelty Squad, and more. 

Our hardware team has tackled the topic of gaming chairs this month. They've parked their bums on as many chairs as they could nab and have created a comprehensive list of the best. Time to find out why lumbar support actually matters.

We've got TWO free gifts for you this month. The first is a digital code for Magic: The Gathering Arena DLC which gives you the complete Avenging Angels deck. The second gift is a supplementary gaming strategy handbook, filled with words by PCG's greatest strategists. Read all about the best games of the genre as well as a beasty feature that covers the entire history of strategy games. 

Issue 360 is on shelves now and available on all your digital devices from the App Store and Zinio. You can also order directly from Magazines Direct or purchase a subscription to save yourself some cash, receive monthly deliveries, and marvel at our exclusive subscriber covers. Here's what this month's looks like:

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This month:

  • A bulky Company of Heroes 3 feature and chat with Relic
  • How D&D's Forgotten Realms became the most beloved fantasy setting on PC
  • Previews for Guardians of the Galaxy, Starfield, Aanacrusis, Terra Nil, and more
  • In-depth reviews of Chivalry 2, Griftlands, and Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance
  • A list of the best gaming chairs for your backside
  • A free digital download for Magic: The Gathering Arena DLC
  • A supplementary gaming strategy handbook
  • And more!
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