PC Gamer receives mutilated doll's head in post. Investigation begins

Doll thumbnail

Look what we got sent today. It's not pleasant. We can only assume this slightly melted, singed doll's head is in-reference to a game. Which game? We just don't know.

Read on for more shots of the spooky gift. We need help.

Here's what we've got so far:

  • It was addressed to Tim

  • "Rebecca" appears to have been crudely scratched into the back of its neck. It looks like the kind of font a psychopath would use. Some readers have pointed out that the letters OXM are visible underneath the scrawl but on closer inspection we can confirm it actually says ©2001. We receive weird stuff from those guys all the time anyway - it wouldn't be worth reporting on.
  • Clues end

So what's going on readers? Should we be more concerned than the tone of this post implies? Let us know your theories in the comments.

UPDATE: monsterZERO has pointed out that Newt carried around a doll's head in the movie Aliens, implying that it could be related to an upcoming Aliens game. Newt's real name was Rebecca too, explaining the spooky writing.

Graham has even found some supporting imagery. See the snaps here and here .

Investigation over.