PC Gamer UK Podcast 39

The Old Republic, Just Cause 2, Portal 2, STALKER: Our new podcast is up! Tim, Tom, Graham and Craig talk Old Republic, Just Cause 2, Portal 2, STALKER, SupCom 2 and dinosaurs screaming in slow motion. Download it here , subscribe here , or read on for what we talk about and when.

The Old Republic (0m 0s). It should be great, but the companion system sounds ridiculous.

Just Cause 2 (6m 44s). The best thing to grapple onto, the best thing to destroy, and the best terrible one-liner.

Supreme Commander 2 vs Starcraft 2 (13m 25s). Why Graham loves the gun that fires tanks, why Tom loves the stabby tentacle turrets, and why Tim's torn between the two.

Stalker: Call of Pripyat (22m 33s). Craig and Tom share horrifying stories, and both do their impression of the Bloodsucker's "BLEURGHLGURGHLE!" attack.

Mirror's Edge (33m 18s), and the guy whose job it is to run out in front of PhysX-modelled plastic sheeting and get kicked through it.

Assassin's Creed 2 DRM (37m 35s). We don't really think it's all that great. The game is, though.

Portal 2 (46m 55s), and the paintgun game that inspired it.

The PC Gamer blog (56m 25s). Woo!

Questions from Twitter (59m 30s)! "What important should audio be in games?"


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