PC Gamer Chat Log Episode 17: The post-not E3 debrief

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Hey there, welcome to another episode of the PC Gamer Chat Log podcast! We're a couple weeks out from the summer showcase season and our brains are sufficiently saturated with all manner of announcements, gameplay trailers and odd spectacles that retain the weird spirit of E3.

It was certainly a big week for games, so Lauren and I have brought back senior editor Robin Valentine to try and cover all the neatest things we saw across the week. Which showcase "won," which trailer was our absolute favourite and were there any pleasant surprises for us?  What the hell was Nicolas Cage rattling on about to Geoff Keighley? We do our best to go over every showcase and pluck some highlights from each one.

If you were listening a few weeks ago, you'll have caught our pre-brief with Wes Fenlon, too. We look back on some of the predictions we made and copium-filled wishes we had and see if anything we said actually lined up with what the showcases had to offer. Plus, of course, we take a bit of time to talk about the unavoidable juggernaut that is Starfield. Some of us are a little more excited for Bethesda's space adventure than others, and we share our hopes and concerns for what's to come.

We've brought Robin along for our weekly catchup too, letting you all in on what we've been up to in our gaming lives and beyond. I continue to betray the very foundation of PC Gamer, while Lauren and Robin try to set aside their frazzled post-E3 brains to remember what they managed to get up to that didn't involve working their asses off to bring you excellent roundups of each showcase and the best bits of the week. Be sure to thank them for all their hard work!

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Mollie Taylor
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Mollie spent her early childhood deeply invested in games like Killer Instinct, Toontown and Audition Online, which continue to form the pillars of her personality today. She joined PC Gamer in 2020 as a news writer and now lends her expertise to write a wealth of features, guides and reviews with a dash of chaos. She can often be found causing mischief in Final Fantasy 14, using those experiences to write neat things about her favourite MMO. When she's not staring at her bunny girl she can be found sweating out rhythm games, pretending to be good at fighting games or spending far too much money at her local arcade.