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Payday 2 adds customisable safe houses, free to try this week

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On Friday, Payday 2 launched Hoxton's Housewarming Party—a community event that promises players free stuff via ten daily updates. During this time, the base game is also free to try (until October 16), and is also privy to a 75 percent discount, alongside its DLC. 

So far, new difficulty levels have been introduced by way of Mayhem and One Down, as well as a range of real-life mimicking masks—from Al Capone to Charles "Lucky" Luciano. The cream of the new additions crop so far, though, comes courtesy of customisable Safe Houses. So long as you're ranked level 25 or over, different areas of your HQ are now upgradable. 

"You can now upgrade the safe house as you progress in the game which unlocks special features like a shooting range with a damage calculator or the ability to change the color of your escape van or bet some offshore money to earn some spending cash!" reads the update on the game's Steam Community page. "The new safe house also offers specific daily missions with rewards and challenges that will unlock trophies in your safe house. You can invite your friends to your safe house to show them your personal progress as well."

What's more, the new Safe House comes with a British butler named Aldstone who makes sure your money is "tucked safely away". Weirder still, Aldstone is played by Monty Python's John Cleese. It remains to be seen if the butler flaunts a silly walk. 

Payday 2's Hoxton's Housewarming Party event is on right now until Sunday, October 16.