PAX Australia 2023 is happening in October and tickets are on sale now

PAX Australia 2022
(Image credit: PAX Australia)

PAX Australia is returning in 2023, marking 10 years since its first antipodean showing, and tickets are on sale right now. As was the case last year, it'll take place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, this time on October 6-8. As always, there will be videogames, and lots of 'em, chiefly of the local indie variety—but the major publishers usually turn up as well.

But we can't say anything with certainty, because the fact of the convention actually happening is all that's been confirmed. Generally speaking, there will be "panels, concerts, tournaments, esports, special guests, meetups, cosplay" and more. I didn't go last year, but Hope did, and there were plenty of extreme PC builds to ogle at. 

My favourite part of the Australian PAX is sampling in-development indie games. Jody caught wind of Unpacking back in 2019, before it had become a sensation. Back in 2015 I saw Hollow Knight at PAX Australia, back before it became what it is today. And Jody found a Warhammer game in 2019, which is very on brand for him.

Tickets are in their "early bird" phase at the moment, which probably means they're a tad cheaper than if you just turn up on the day (assuming it doesn't sell out). Three-day badges go for AU$175, while individual day badges are AU$70. You can get them here.

PAX Australia was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, though some online events went ahead. PAX is organised by ReedPop, the organisation which, as of 2023, will handle E3. 

Shaun Prescott

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