Patrick Stewart will narrate My Memory of Us, a game about children in the Holocaust

My Memory of Us caught my attention early last year with a trailer revealing a visual style reminiscent of old-fashioned Disney animated shorts. It slyly subverts the game's setting, a Jewish ghetto in Poland during the Second World War, but it's also perfectly appropriate because the game world is seen through the eyes of children: German soldiers are seen as mindless robots, for instance, and the vicious antisemitism of adults remains an unlearned mystery among children. 

A new trailer today expands upon its promise of a "unique, emotional" game by showcasing the talents of the narrator, announced today as Patrick Stewart, a name you may recognize from The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion—Stewart portrayed Emperor Uriel Septim VII—or the 1981 cinematic classic Excalibur. He's also won awards for his work with the internationally renowned Royal Shakespeare Company. 

"The story of My Memory of Us is a personal one to us, as our grandparents faced similar oppression World War 2. This game is our ode to them and the millions of others who lived and died during this time," Juggler Games CEO Mikołaj Pawłowski said. 

"So when it came time to cast a narrator, Patrick Stewart was the perfect choice. His amazing acting career spans nearly six decades, and since the very beginning he has produced incredible and emotional work. His talent and skill provides the right mixture of gravitas and hope, and his performance resonates perfectly with our game." 

While obviously fictionalized, My Memory of Us is based on real events that occurred during the war: The City, where the game begins, is "inspired" by pre-WW2 Warsaw, and events shown in the game will be based on "actual stories from the war." Mechanically, the game will be built around "logic puzzles in 2.5D," but the story promises "deeper meaning, set in historical realities." 

My Memory of Us is scheduled to come out on October 9. You can learn more about the game at

Andy Chalk

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