Pathologic remake launches teaser trailer series, Kickstarter demo due Friday

After delaying its successfully crowdfunded Pathologic reimagining in August, developer Ice-Pick Lodge is now ready to tease its upcoming adventure role-player via a Kickstarter backer demo this Friday. To mark the occasion, a series of daily teasers set to run between now and then will offer a glimpse of what to expect—three of which can be viewed below. 

Dubbed a "specially crafted vertical slice" of the game, the demo aims to give players "an early taste of Pathologic's weird and warped world." Although it has spoken of "drastic changes" between the original Pathologic and its reinterpretation in the past, Ice-Pick appears to have followed a similar aesthetic style this time round—which can be seen in the teasers below, the first of which is titled 'The Cathedral'.

The second vignette is shorter still, named 'The Workshop':

And the third is named 'The Stillwater':

Expect more shorts in the days ahead, however only those who pledged $80 or above will get the chance to go hands-on come Friday. 

"Fans who pledged $80 or more will be given the chance to explore a region of the town, in what is set to be a complete re-imagining of Ice-Pick Lodge's 2005 cult classic of the same name," reads a statement. "Fans who pledged $45 will be also be given an opportunity to play an early version of the game at a later date." 

The Pathologic remake is due to launch some time in Autumn, 2017.