Party shooter Duck Game has a big update adding an 8-player mode

An image from party shooter game Duck Game.
(Image credit: Landon Podbielski)

Had you forgotten that in the grim future of 1984 ducks with absurd weapons battle in a terrible bloodsport? You probably had. You probably had, in fact, forgotten about one of the best local multiplayer games on PC, Duck Game, released back in 2015.

Well Duck Game has not forgotten about you, dear reader. This weekend marks the release of Duck Game 1.5, a massive update adding all manner of new features to the game. Duck Game now plays up to eight people, with added eight-person levels, and can support 4 spectators on top of that. There are also six new weapons and equipment, which is a lot in a game that already has lots of weapons and equipment. Further, and not to abuse the word lots, but I'm going to abuse the word lots, there are—and I quote the patch notes here—"Lots and lots of new maps." 

Duck Game is developed by Landon Podbielski and published by Adult Swim Games. You can find it on Steam for $13, where it supports Remote Play Together. 

Duck Game is one of those games that we broadly credit with saving couch multiplayer. Its genesis, of course, was in making a platformer with a duck, but then a friend wanted to play too so the developer added another duck and a shotgun. Thus: Duck Game. So, if you are for example stuck inside with your roommates or family for an extended period for whatever reason, perhaps you should get your duck on.

Anyways, here are some hysterical and weird patch notes from the update:

  • New Spectator feature! 
  • Spectators get to wiggle around at the spectator table and drink their favourite beverages 
  • Added Melon Soda for spectators 
  • Added Camping Rifle - Trap enemy ducks in a cozy sleeping bag 
  • Ducks now breathe. As ducks should. 
  • Added a "Jam button" (numpad 0 by default). Pressing it toggles Jam mode 
  • Tongue-stuck ducks will now fall if what which they stuck their tongues on is destroyed
  • You can now speed up quad laser bullets by hitting them with a sword in the same direction (why wasn't this possible before??)  

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.