Oxenfree is (Oxen)free on GOG

GOG's Winter Sale is well underway, bringing with it loads of deals and mystery games. Last week, Double Fine's Grim Fandango Remastered went free-of-charge—and while that particular offer has expired, Night School Studio's wonderful narrative adventure Oxenfree is now subject to the same complementary treatment. 

Which is great news because Oxenfree is really good. Besides telling an interesting story about supernatural mystery, relationships and growing up, the game's dialogue system is the one of the most intelligent I've ever come across, where conversations flow almost seamlessly into the next, and whereby NPCs react to silence and/or being interrupted.

It also looks lovely. Here's last year's launch trailer:

To claim your free copy of Oxenfree, click the "Get for free" button on GOG's landing page.

Which is where GOG's Winter Sale rolls on. At a glance my own favourite picks today include Titan Souls at £2.19/$3.59 (75 percent off), Theme Hospital at just £1.19/$1.49 (75 percent off), Prison Architect at £5/$6.59 (75 percent off) and Tacoma at £7.59/$9.89 (50 percent off). The latter of those even scooped our Best Setting of 2017, but please share you own favourites in the comments below. 

GOG's Winter Sale is live now through December 26. Check it out in full this-a-way.

NB—PCG UK editor-in-chief Samuel suggested this story's headline. Going with it is my Christmas present to him.

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