Overwatch surpasses 30 million registered players

Three months, almost to the day, after announcing that Overwatch had sailed past the 25 million player mark, Blizzard took to Twitter to announce that its monster-hit online FPS now has more than 30 million players across all platforms. 

Yes, it's a not the most specific measure: There's no way to know how that number breaks down by platform, what the retention is like, how many of them are free-play weekenders, and that sort of thing. But five million new players over a three-month span represents a remarkable rate of continued growth, especially given that the January milestone came just a few months after the 20 million user mark was reportedly hit in October 2016—which actually happened only about four months after the ten million record was broken in June.   

A big part of Overwatch's success, as we noted the last time around, has to be attributed to Blizzard's relentless support, which it has not at all eased up on. There's a lot going on in the big Overwatch Uprising event that went live earlier this month, and more recently the studio said that at least three new maps are "likely" going to be released this year.

Andy Chalk

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