Overwatch loot box drop rates haven't changed says Jeff Kaplan

Last year, a Reddit user by the name of Ourobouros challenged their seemingly unlucky Overwatch loot box drop rate success by attempting to calculate the odds of landing a Legendary. Take what you will from this particular assessment, however the lack of decent pick ups in Blizzard's team-based shooter has again been queried—leaving many forum users questioning whether or not the rates have been changed. 

"I've opened maybe 20, got two skins, and got three legendaries that were duplicates and not part of the event," says one user Rhade. "I opened less in the christmas event and got more skins."

While not true for every player, this sentiment is echoed by many other forum users. "Opened about 20-25 boxes and only got Mei legendary and Junk epic," suggests KillANDKill. "Dunno if I was unlucky or blizz tweak the RNG for loot box." 

The idea that Blizzard may have tinkered with the supposed random nature of the game's loot boxes is raised in several posts before game director Jeff Kaplan intervenes to say, in fact, the rates for the Summer Games, Halloween Terror, Winter Wonderland, and Year of the Rooster events are all the same.

Unless you've got the patience/perseverance to test Ourobouros' technique on a much wider scale, I guess we'll have to take Kaplan on his word.