Overcooked to get free and frantic festive expansion next week

Hot on the heels of its Lost Morsel DLC, Kitchen catastrophe simulator Overcooked will launch a free Christmas-themed expansion next week. 

Dubbed a "festive feast of holiday-themed extra content" Overcooked's Festive Seasoning DLC adds a range of goodies to the cooperative couch cook 'em up. There's a new winter-kissed world map, for example, which adds a snowmobile for easier/life threatening navigation. There's also two new unlockable chefs—the snowman and the reindeer—who can be adorned with Santa hats; and there's two new recipes for serving—the turkey dinner and the stew. 

A new Winter Lodge theme boasts eight new co-op levels; and, to top all of this off, the new expansion adds a new utensil: the flamethrower. As if fumbling around Overcooked's hazard-ridden kitchens wasn't dangerous enough. 

Here's the latest expansion in practice by way of moving pictures:

Overcooked's Festive Seasoning DLC will be available as a free download on December 6. Until then, here's Tom's review of the base game—which he described as "one of the most fun and challenging local co-op games ever made." Should it tickle your fancy, it's available to buy via the Humble Store for £12.99/$16.99. 

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