Overcooked serves up Lost Morsel DLC

Overcooked, the frantic co-op cooking game Tom described as "chaotic bliss", has launched its first portion of DLC.  

Named The Lost Morsel, culinary serving sim's latest outing visits an "exotic" jungle setting and offers players six new chefs by way of a Dinosaur, Robot, French Bulldog, Panda, Bear and Pig; as well as six new campaign levels to spill soup and burn meals all over. Navigating the world map is also made possible this time by helicopter—because a group of folk who can barely bring water to the boil without setting the room on fire can absolutely be trusted to pilot rotorcraft. 

Here's a trailer: 

The Lost Morsel DLC is out now and costs £3.99/$4.99, while the base game has a new Gourmet Edition which bundles it with the expansion for £15.99/$19.99. 

Overcooked is available to buy via the Humble Store for £12.99/$16.99. 

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