Over 1 million people tuned into this Fortnite stream

As if playing to the title of his 2011 hit single (how do you do, fellow kids?), Drake made headlines recently by playing Fortnite. Teaming up with prolific Battle Royale streamer Ninja, the pair accrued upwards of 630,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch—smashing the platform's record viewer count in the process. 

Last night, one Fortnite YouTube livestream hosted 1.1 million people. 

As reported by Eurogamer, the so-called Spanish language stream extravaganza featured a number of popular YouTubers who streamed battles from their respective channels. Organiser elrubius—whose own channel boasts 28 million subs—welcomed 1.1 million concurrent viewers, while the video itself has now been watched almost 16 million times. 

Here's the event in full:

Beyond elrubius, 99 other battle royalers hosted the fight elsewhere, meaning the total viewer count is unknown. Victory Royale, that's the motto. (Sorry.) 

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