How to check if the Outriders servers are down

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Wondering how to find Outriders' current server status? There were a lot of problems during the opening weekend and players were having trouble with various issues—whether getting stuck on sign-in screens or being booted from crossplay matches. Unfortunately, since singleplayer is online-only, those going it solo might be affected by server issues too.

Thankfully, most of the launch day issues have been resolved—even if the terrifying inventory wipe bug—hasn't yet been fully squashed but it's handy knowing where to go if you ever need to check Outriders server status in the future. Of course, the problem could be at your end, but it's always good to rule out possible game or server issues before you start troubleshooting your PC. Here's the easiest way to check the status of Outriders servers so you can get back to hunting down those legendary weapons.

Outriders server status: How to check it

It's best to go straight to the source to check the status of the Outriders servers, and Square Enix has made it easy to see when there's a problem on their dedicated Outriders servers status page.

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There's not much information on the page itself, but at a glance you can see when the game's core components and multiplayer services are operational. As you'd expect, green means good. 

In the event that the servers are down, I also recommend checking the Outriders Twitter account. People Can Fly posted frequent updates during the game's launch, and while the hiccups were frustrating, they did well to keep players in the loop when things went pear-shaped. You can also join the Outriders Discord to stay in the know.

If you're still encountering problems after checking these pages, it's worth verifying that the problem isn't on your PC. Sometimes hitting ALT+F4 and relaunching does the trick, and it's always worth turning your system off entirely and switching it back on again. If the issue persists, head to the Square Enix support page to report it.

Outriders known issues and how to fix them

Inventory wiped

There's a nasty Outriders bug that's completely wiping inventories at present, and all we can do for now is wait for People Can Fly to find a fix. The team is planning a "mass restoration event" on a date to be confirmed.

Game crashes to desktop/stuttering

Fix: Run the game using DirectX11. Alternatively, disable DLSS, turn off Vsync, and play in windowed mode.

Blurred visuals

Fix: Head to the Options menu, select the Display tab, and disable the FPS limit.

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