Our favourite For Honor moments so far

For Honor's official release is a little more than a week away, but a bunch of players have been trying it out in various alphas for a while now. As someone who loves fighting games, the tense one-on-one battles between knights, vikings, and/or samurai have me excited to try it out for myself. And from what we've seen of the beta so far, the game's mechanics (and/or technical issues) can lend themselves to some pretty hilarious moments. And with the open beta just around the corner, I decided to collect a couple of my favourite moments that the For Honor community has captured so far.

The first moment I wanted to highlight is from Reddit user Cusillo, and it's between a Peacekeeper and a Naginata-wielding Nobushi, who has her foe exactly where she wants him: at the brink of death. Once she finally fells the Peacekeeper, she starts to walk away before realizing she's been bleeding out and... well, you can guess what happens next.

The following video is of a single Dominion match that lasts about four-and-a-half minutes. It also follows Cusillo, except this time holding down a bridge as the Nobushi. The moments where they're mindlessly slaughtering dozens of AI minions isn't particularly interesting, but it gets immediately more tense and impressive when they face off against human players. They manage to hold their own even when up against multiples foes, and it's moments like this that have me so interested in trying For Honor.

The next moment from Reddit user KeithBeasteth is a one-on-one, Viking Warlord-versus-Warden duel. It shows that it doesn't matter if you're up two-to-one in the fourth round, if you walk off a cliff of your own accord, even the heavens won't want you. Check it out for yourself here.

And this final clip... well, let's just say it takes teabagging your downed opponent to a whole other level. Thanks, Reddit user Armarrash.

For Honor releases for PC on February 14. You can try the game out for yourself before then in the open beta, from February 9 to the 12. The open beta will include Elimination mode, which is a best-of-five match between two teams of four with no respawns. It'll join the Dominion, Brawl, and Duel modes, alongside nine of the game's twelve heroes. And yes, Ubisoft is calling it a beta, despite the game already being pressed to disc and releasing two days after it's done.

You can check out For Honor's system requirements here.