Origin to integrate twitch.tv game broadcasting

Everyone's favourite digital distribution system, Origin , is getting a big update soon. While the most useful to most will almost certainly be the general tweaks to speed, and the ability to add other installed games to your menu (much like Steam), easily the coolest is direct integration with video streaming site twitch.tv . In Steam, you can tap a button to take and share screenshots. In Origin, you'll be able to share whole gaming sessions just as easily - or set things up to broadcast automatically.

Presumably the overlay and streaming will work with non Origin games too If not there s the old fashioned way

Presumably the overlay and streaming will work with non-Origin games too. If not, there's the old fashioned way.

You will need a relatively beefy broadband connection of course, but as long as you're not stuck in the 3Mb doldrums, should be fine. To begin streaming, you'll just open up the overlay and click a button. If it's your first time, you'll need to connect your Origin account to Twitch.TV. After that, it'll just work. A screen will pop up asking what resolution you want to stream at, and offer volume controls for both the game and your microphone - and of course the option to switch it off. Don't be this guy.

More video functions are planned, with the initial features rolling out in beta form soon. Check out the full details here , or watch some feeds to see how game feeds can be more fun than you might think.