Ori of Ori and the Blind Forest joins Smash Bros-style brawler Rivals of Aether

Hot on the heels of the E3 reveal of Ori and the Will of the Wisps, sequel to the fantastic 2015 platformer Ori and the Blind Forest, we are getting even more Ori! Indie Smash Bros-style fighting game Rivals of Aether has announced that Ori will be coming to the game as a new fighter.

Ori will come alongside a new "Spirit Tree" stage in a $5 DLC pack that will be purchasable later this summer. Developer Dan Fornace has worked with both Ori developer Moon Studios and publisher Microsoft to bring the character over, redesigning Ori in his pixel art style and recreating many of the abilities from The Blind Forest for Ori's moveset. 

$5 for a single character and level seems steep to me when the base game is $15, but watching the trailer above it's hard to argue Ori doesn't look good. There's no date for the DLC yet, but "summer" would mean sometime in the next couple months. Four more previously planned DLC characters are also scheduled for release late this fall. 

Tom Marks
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