Ooblets may get an alpha test, and you might be able to take part

The farm life-meets-Pokemon sim Ooblets will likely get an early access release of some sort, creator Rebecca Cordingley said back in March. But maybe, hypothetically, there might also be some closed alpha testing before that happens. And if it did—which is not to say that it will!—and you wanted to take part, that might be a possibility as well. 

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Coyness aside, the tweet very strongly suggests that there will be an Ooblets alpha at some point, and that some segment of followers will be able to give it a try just for asking nicely: You don't tweet that sort of thing without at least some underlying intent to follow through, after all. 

And in case there was any doubt about the demand for Ooblets, the developers asked followers to retweet the message, to "help us get an idea for how many people would be interested." It has so far been retweeted more than 1300 times.

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Andy Chalk

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