How to get more Froobtoose in Ooblets

ooblets froobtoose
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If you need more Ooblets Froobtoose, you're in the right place. Ooblets presents you with a lot of things to do, both daily and in the longer term. Since a lot of the game mechanics are heavily based on agriculture and cooking, you'll naturally be needing different ingredients, materials, and tools to make life easier. 

Froobtose is one of those ingredients, so I'm here to help you learn more about it, how to get it, and everything else you need to know about the precious resource with this Ooblets Froostoose guide. 

Ooblets Froobtoose: What is it, and what's it used for?

Froobtose is a powder that adds sweetness to recipes, and you get it by processing sweet root vegetables called Sweetiebeeties. The main use of Froobtose is food, so it serves as an energy-recovery item, but it's also a necessary material to challenge Ooblets to dance battles to obtain their seeds: For Froobtose, you need it to challenge Clickyclaws. 

You will need Froobtose for the following recipes, too:

  • Quib Tart
  • Flooti Karioka
  • Caroot Cake
  • Pibblepug Pie
  • Spressy
  • Blue Goo Pie
  • Zinooka Cake

Some in-game objectives will also ask you for one or several Froobtoses, such as a gift basket for the Ooblet Council, the Hankerbot, or any of the daily targets at Plenny’s Bulk Orders. If you have extra you don’t need, you can put them into the Reconstitooter in return for eight Slurry a go.

How to get Froobtose

To get Froobtose, you need to buy Sweetiebeetie seeds at Meed’s shop for five Gummies each. Three days after the seeds are planted they'll be ready for to be crushed in the Crunchster, resulting in the refined powder you’re looking for. It’s worth noting that the Sweetiebeeties are also needed in the recipe for Beetie Curd.

As the first few in-game days go by, you get your first Crunchster delivered to your mailbox. The device, that can only be operated by Ooblets, is very useful in crafting all kinds of processed materials such as Froobtose and Muz Flour. After you place it on your farm, choose any Ooblet you want for this job and put in the material—it’s just a matter of time until you see the results and get your desired item.

You can also build more Crunchsters in the Fabricutter using the following ingredients:

  • Nurny x10
  • Planklet x10
  • Oobsidian x1