One of the best controllers for PC gaming is on sale right now

Playstation 5 Dualsense Controller
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Update: The sale's over.

Adorama has a nice little deal on what's becoming one of the better controllers for PC gaming. The white Sony DualSense wireless controller is on sale for $59, $10 off its usual price of $69.99. Sadly, none of the fun other colors like midnight black, galactic purple, or nova pink are on sale.

The DualSense has become more and more PC-friendly since the launch of the PlayStation 5. The wireless controller can connect to your gaming PC via USB-Type-C and Bluetooth. 

It has excellent-feeling joysticks and a good weight, along with a built-in speaker and microphone. The touchpad, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers are game-changers, though not all games support them, so you may have to do a little research to see if it supports your favorite games

Dell G15

Sony Dualsense Wireless Controller| White| $69.99 $59.99 at Adorama (save $10)
A solid (and expensive) controller that's becoming more PC-friendly by the day. The haptic feedback and adaptive triggers work well on games that support them. These controllers are seldom on sale, so this would be a good time to pick one up. The discount is applied at check out—only 1 per customer.

One common complaint about the Dualsense is its unpredictable battery life. Sony says you can get somewhere between 6 to 12 hours on a single charge. From personal experience, it's probably more than 5 to 8 hours and my first DualSense controller, which came with my PlayStation 5, bricked after two months of regular use. However, my replacement has been working fine for over a year. 

If you haven't ordered from Adorama before, it's pretty painless. There's free standard shipping on all orders, and anyone who is a 360VIP member ($50 a year) is eligible for free two-shipping. You should note that it's only one controller per customer and the $10 discount applies at check out. 

Sony also announced a more customizable version of the DualSense at GamesCom last week that could give the Xbox Elite controller a run for its money. We're looking forward to seeing how that works out.

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