Okami HD drops trio of gorgeous trailers

After much speculation, Capcom confirmed Okami HD in September—a reworked and repolished version of the 2006 original that's due on December 12. It'll support 4K resolution on capable PCs, and now has a trio of new trailers. 

The first, named Celestial Brush: Inferno, teases environment manipulation and a majestic pipe-smoking bird:

The second, named Celestial Brush: Veil of Mist, appears to portray sacrificial slaughter and nightmarish, spike-studded spiders:

And the third, named Demon Introduction No. 5, shows off an arena boss battle with a four-legged, dual-wielding samurai beast:

If you're new to Okami know that the above makes marginally more sense in English, but that it's a wonderful game in any event.  

Again, Okami HD is due in Europe and the US on December 12, 2017

Thanks, All Games Delta.