Nvidia's shiny new RTX 4060 Ti GPU is already selling below MSRP

Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti graphics card
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Nvidia's shiny new RTX 4060 Ti graphics card only launched a few days ago. But some retailers are already offering it below Nvidia's official recommended price.

Before anyone gets too excited, the savings are pretty wafer thin. And, thus far, we've only seen evidence of below MSRP cards in Germany and the UK. For now, the $399 US MSRP seems to be holding. But that's not gonna last, is it?

Anyway, for the record you can currently grab an RTX 4060 Ti in the UK from Overclockers for £379. That's a whole £10 lower than the official £389 MSRP.

Hardly a fire sale. And the 4060 Ti remains thoroughly disappointing at £379. But there is symbolic importance in the simple fact that such a new GPU is already being listed at below the recommended price.

After all, it wasn't all that long ago that GPUs were going for two or three times more than what became entirely notional MSRPs.

Over in Germany, Videocardz noticed that the RTX 4060 Ti was going for €419 on launch day, some €20 below the card's €439 MSRP. That listing has since crept back up to €429. But that's still a whisker below MSRP. 

Arguably, none of this is surprising. The 4060 Ti offers a meagre performance boost over the old 3060 Ti, it only has 8GB of VRAM and one of the RTX 40-series' signature features, Frame Generation, turns out to be somewhat problematic on this low-end version of the Ada Lovelace architecture.

All of which means it's awfully hard to get excited about the 4060 Ti at the official $399 price point. As we've said before, Most of Nvidia's new RTX 40 GPUs are a full tier out of whack.

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(Image credit: Future)

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If you renamed the RTX 4060 Ti to plain 4060 and kept the $299 pricing of the soon-to-be-launched actual 4060, then you'd have an interesting card. Same goes for the RTX 4070. If that GPU was called RTX 4060 Ti and was priced at $399, well, you'd have another winner on your hands.

As it is, pretty much every Ada Lovelace GPU below the RTX 4090, which rather bizarrely for a $1,600 graphics card looks like decent value, feels over priced and underspecced.

It's a pity, because the Ada Lovelace architecture is undeniably brilliant. There's nothing wrong with the technology, it's just how Nvidia is pricing and position various version of it that is so very disappointing.

Anyway, forget about queuing up for even the slightest hope of an MSRP card, as was the case with the previous RTX 30-series launch. With wide availability, no indication of the cards selling out, and prices already softening, these new Ada Lovelace boards are seemingly piling up on shelves and going nowhere.

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