Nvidia unveils GeForce GTX 780 Ti

Nvidia is making big announcements in Montreal today. We've got G-Sync , which flips the V-sync idea on its head and synchronizes monitor refresh rates to GPU output; recording and Twitch streaming features coming to GeForce Experience ; and finally, the hardware: the GeForce GTX 780 Ti.

The GTX 780 Ti's specs and pricing are unknown , but expect it to be a beast, naturally.

On a broader note, some of today's announcements and PC gaming cheerleading have been practical—especially the new video capture app—but Nvidia is as fond as ever of future-gazing. Remember back in 2006 when the new consoles launched and CRT TVs died out? The same will happen to HDTVs eventually, but 4K is still dragging its feet. Nvidia, however, is ready now. Last month, the restless chip maker posed itself as the bringer of "The 4K Revolution"—or, more accurately, The 3840x2160 Revolution.

PC gamers will certainly adopt 4K first, but even we have a ways to go—Nvidia recommends two high-end cards in SLI before investing in a 4K display, and that's pretty damn expensive. But Nvidia is certain that 4K is the "Next Big Thing," and it's pushing it hard. Just ask our man on the scene in Montreal—below, you're looking at the Star Citizen hangar module on a 4K 84-inch LG display. Dear God.

[Update! Here's a photo with the head of a human for scale.]

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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