Nvidia releases 'Game Ready' 381.65 driver for Quake Champions

Nvidia has a new GPU driver available (version 381.65) that's been tweaked and optimized for the Quake Champions closed beta, though there are other reasons why you might want to install it—provided you own a GeForce graphics card, of course.

The latest driver package from Nvidia adds support for the Windows 10 Creators Update that will be rolling out to the masses next week (April 11). If you don't want to wait, you can manually fetch the Creators Update by going here. You should be fine to update Windows without first installing Nvidia's latest drivers, but why not get that out of the way first?

There are a few other new features that get added with Nvidia's 381.65 release, including DTX and Dolby Atmost support for 5.1.2 speaker configurations, Dolby Vision support for games, and Ansel support for the games Snake Pass and Kona.

Nvidia also made a couple of tweaks to its Control Panel. It added an option to override the Windows 10 control of desktop color settings, and another option to disable the self-refresh power-saving feature for G-Sync (applies to self-refresh capable notebooks using Pascal GPUs).

There are no new 3D Vision profiles, though Nvidia did update its SLI profile for Descent: Underground.

Finally, the new driver release adds support for Nvidia's freshly minted Titan Xp, which Nvidia has anointed "the world's most powerful graphics card."

That's about the extent of things. You can grab the latest driver release here.

Paul Lilly

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