Quake Champions' Slash is an edgelord on roller skates

With every week, Quake Champions gets edgier and edgier. Last week "transhuman punk" Anarki was profiled, and this week we learn more about Slash, who rides roller skates and says things like "open wide and take your medicine!" (she's implying that her enemies should eat her bullets). Though id Software doesn't bluntly refer to Slash as a "punk", it's pretty dang clear that she is. Because get a load of this.

"Skating was always an obsession for Slash. In her head she could hear a melody, one that compelled her to twirl and dance and skate. She heard the music in her dreams more and more, until it just never stopped. It was a constant, unending song and so she kept skating.

"The music got to her, and she began to see things. Impossible things. She was seeing entire separate realities. She turned to drugs to try to quell the music and the visions, starting with clozapine and moving onto heroine when nothing got better."

What this lucid description forgets to say is that she's also a murderous high speed killer in an arena shooter videogame. Her active ability is a Plasma Trail, which damages enemies who make contact with it, while her passive ability is a crouch slide: any speed she's accumulated can be maintained with this move. Check out the video below, but be careful not to cut yourself on it.

Shaun Prescott

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