Nvidia dishes out a 'Game Ready' GPU driver optimized for The Crew 2

Nvidia is pushing out another GPU driver release (398.36 WHQL) that is tuned to deliver optimal performance in The Crew 2. The game is due out on Friday, June 29, so you have a few days to let others test drive the new driver to ensure that it works properly.

This is the second time Nvidia has released a GPU driver with performance tweaks for The Crew 2. The last one came in the latter half of May in anticipation for the game's closed beta, and also included optimizations for State of Decay 2.

Nvidia's newest driver package focuses solely on The Crew 2, as it pertains to performance optimizations. However, it also brings with it a handful of bug fixes. They include:

  • [Pascal GPUs][Gears of War 4][DirectX12]: Blue-screen crash may occur while playing the game.
  • [Sterescopic 3D][NVIDIA Control Panel]: Switching the 3D display setting On and Off from the Windows display settings page has no effect on the NVIDIA Control Panel stereoscopic 3D settings page.
  • [G-Sync]: G-Sync may still be active after closing a game, causing the desktop to stutter.
  • [Surround]: Multiple games crash when launched in Surround mode.
  • [HDR]: With HDR turned on, non HDR full-screen video playback may cause corruption/flickering in the video.
  • [Notebook]: Blue-screen crash occurs with Driver_Power_State_Failure error upon bootup.
  • Black Screen appears when booting Windows after installing the 397.93 display driver.

In related news, Nvidia has partnered with Ubisoft to bundle The Crew 2 (standard edition) with its GeForce GTX 1080 and GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards, as well as select desktops and laptops running on GeForce hardware. Follow this link to see exactly which hardware qualifies, along with a list of participating vendors.

You can download the new driver through GeForce Experience, or grab it here to install manually.

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