Nvidia releases GPU drivers optimized for The Crew 2 and State of Decay 2

For those of you who own an Nvidia graphics card and plan on playing Ubisoft's open-world racing game, The Crew 2, there are new 'Game Ready' GPU drivers available to ensure you're squeezing every last ounce of performance available.

There is still time to register for The Crew 2's closed beta, which kicks off this Thursday, May 31 and runs until Monday, June 2. During that time, players can progress through the first level in the Street Race, Rally Raid, Powerboat, and Aerobatics disciplines, and also access the Fast Fav feature that allows for switching vehicle types on the fly.

In addition to The Crew 2, Nvidia's new 397.93 WHQL driver package is also optimized for State of Decay 2, which launched earlier this week.

There are a handful of bug fixes as well. They include:

  • [Notebook][GeForce GTX 870M]: GPU acceleration is being used for Windows Explorer.
  • [SLI][Steam]: Steam must be closed to enable or disable SLI mode.
  • [Surround][Digital Vibrance]: Digital Vibrance setting is not persistent, and reverts to the default setting when rebooting with Surround mode enabled.
  • [Wolfenstein II]: The game may freeze in the Roosevelt area.
  • [NVIDIA Control Panel]: When Windows HDR is enabled, some color formats are missing from the NVIDIA Control Panel->Display->Change Resolution page.
  • [Pascal GPU + Kepler GPU]: After installing the driver and rebooting the system, the driver may fail to load.
  • [Far Cry 5]: Green flickering

There is always the risk of something going wrong when installing a new GPU driver. We're reminded of this every so often, most recently when some GeForce GTX 1060 owners had trouble installing Nvidia's 397.31 driver package. Nvidia subsequently released a hotfix that addressed the issue. If you want to be safe, we recommend doing a clean install, or for that extra measure of insurance, run Display Driver Uninstaller first, reboot, and then install the new drivers.

If you're wanting to install the new 397.93 driver package right away, you can do so through GeForce Experience, or go here to manually download and install.

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