Notch's new game is Cliffhorse. It's free, and features cliffs and a horse

E3 starts today. Or maybe it's Pre-E3, or Shadow E3... Something is starting today, and, as a result of it, we'll hopefully be swept away by new announcements and exciting fresh looks at upcoming games. We're hours away from that though, so we might as well start with this: Cliffhorse. What is Cliffhorse? For one thing, it's Notch's latest game. Beyond that, I'm still not really sure.

Wait, did we say that?

"Buy Cliffhorse 'early access' by sending Dogecoin to DMbE53XpM3RR4cnHnVoTPZzjBUwHogdYBe, then download Cliffhorse by clicking here ," explains the Cliffhorse website , which is a thing that exists.

As I barely understand Doge, let alone its cryptocurrency counterpart, I decided to just download it. There's a horse, there's some cliffs, and there's a sort of cow-ball. That's about it. Maybe it's a metaphor for creativity; wild untamed, and unbound by natural physics. Maybe it's a tribute to Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing , only with a horse, and without that bug that means you infinitely accelerate in reverse. Maybe it's that Notch can pretty much do what he likes now, and we could all do with something silly before the HYPER-SERIOUS GAMES-BLAST of E3. We may never know.

All that's certain is that, with Cliffhorse, Notch is onto another breakout hit:

Phil Savage

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