Not On Steam sale highlights games that aren't on Steam

This will come as a shock to some, but it is possible to buy and play games away from Valve ultro-store Steam. The problem is finding those game: something that developer Flippfly noticed when they released their own game, Race The Sun. To combat it, they've organised the Not On Steam sale : a sale comprised of games that are not on Steam. No, I don't know how they came up with that name either.

Alongside the price-slashed buy buttons, each game displays a link to the relevant Greenlight page. There's also a rudimentary set of icons. A key means that you'll get a Steam key if the game ever makes it onto the store, while an hour-glass means the game is still in development.

There's plenty of interesting games on offer, including chemistry puzzler Sokobond, Jonas Kyratzes's adventure The Sea Will Claim Everything, first-person autorunner Fotonica, and super-quick stick battler One Finger Death Punch.

Of course, since making the site, Flippfly's Race The Sun has been Greenlight . Technically, though, it's not on Steam just yet, so I guess the other indies should hold back from a violent coup to overthrow the page.

The Not On Steam sale will run until the 9th October.