Hyper Light Drifter, Eldritch and Race The Sun among latest batch of Greenlit games

Valve are driving around with their headlights set to max, shining them full in the face of yet more indie games. This latest batch of Steam Greenlight approvals includes everything from the Lovecraftian roguelike Eldritch , to the hyper-pretty, hyper-funded Hyper Light Drifter, and Skyscraper Simulator, which I really hope is a simulator about being a skyscraper. Hopefully not the one from Battlefield 4.

Here's the full list of Greenlit games:

  • A-Train9

  • AdventurOS

  • Age Of Wushu

  • CABAL Online

  • Claire

  • Comicado


  • Death Road to Canada

  • Dysis

  • E.T. Armies

  • Eldritch

  • Fantasy Grounds Virtual RPG Tabletop

  • Fibrillation

  • Haunted

  • Hyper Light Drifter

  • Iron Soul

  • Lost Sector Online


  • Mosaico - Tiling Window Manager

  • MouseCraft

  • Nihilumbra

  • No Heroes

  • Of Guards And Thieves

  • PULSAR: Lost Colony

  • Race the Sun

  • The Sandbox

  • Shade 3D Basic

  • Skyscraper Simulator

  • Slenderman's Shadow

  • Vox

  • Wildfire Worlds

  • Zombies.

And here's the full list of names in a more visually appealing format that contains links to each Greenlight page and everything .

Phil Savage

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