Noctua 'aims to create' even more absurd graphics cards with Asus

The Asus GeForce RTX 3070 Noctua OC Edition in and around a PC case
(Image credit: Future)

Noctua teamed up with Asus to produce the absolutely massive RTX 3070 Noctua OC Edition graphics card last year—a GPU I loved for all its absurdity—and now the cooling company says it aims to work with Asus on more cards in the future.

Over on Twitter, the official Noctua account responded to a user asking for an RTX 3080 Ti Noctua Edition, as spotted by Tom's Hardware.

If the stars align just right that could mean more beautifully brown and beige GPUs out of the two companies. 

Noctua is famed for its chunky and effective coolers and fans, and paired up with a high-performance GPU manufacturer could make for a silent, if a little absurd, graphics card worth drooling over.

No doubt you will need to make some room in your PC for any Noctua x Asus graphics card; be that the RTX 3070 available today or a newer model. I had to tear down my entire PC and shift my cooling configuration to make way for this monster of a graphics card in my machine. It's even mightier in stature than an RX 6900 XT reference card. Though, while I was sad to see the Noctua 3070 go back to Asus, I was happy to restore order in my PC case once again.


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