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No Man's Sky's servers will be wiped prior to official release

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There's a lot of room in No Man's Sky—more planets than we could ever conceivably visit in their lifetimes—but there's been something vaguely off-putting about the fact that some people have been gotten copies of the game early and have been noodling around the universe, naming planets and creatures before the rest of us have even been able to put on our flight suits and load up on Tang.

It's just a little irksome that the universe has been mildly soiled by people who couldn't wait until day one like the rest of us. No worries, though: when the game legitimately launches, the servers will be wiped and those sneaks who have been out there busily discovering and putting their stamp on stuff will have those accomplishments erased and the universe will once again be pristine.

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This only applies to the discoveries they've made in the 'verse, according to another tweet from Harry Denholm of Hello Games. Their personal saved games will remain intact, so presumably whatever they've mined, traded, bought, or upgraded won't be touched by the galactic cleansing sponge.

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