The best No Man's Sky mods

No Man's Sky is being patched and updated fairly regularly these days, adding new content like base-building, ground vehicles, new biomes, and online co-op, as well as tweaking gameplay elements. That doesn't mean modders aren't still making their own changes and additions to make Hello Games' expansive space simulation more enjoyable.

Some mods make changes to planets, others add new procedural spaceships, and there are several that improve visuals, effects, UI features, and gameplay. If you're looking to spice up you space travels, set your sights on our list below.

Here are the best mods for No Man's Sky.

Rayrod's Overhaul

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This mod packs in a lot, like completely new biomes to discover, third-person flight mode, improved visuals and shader fixes, gameplay changes and tweaks, enhanced weather and other effects, plus tons more. It even adds Spore-like planets into the universe. Enjoy a more beautiful and diverse No Man's Sky. The overhaul has been updated to work with the release of Atlas Rises.

Space Dreams

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Still seems kinda weird that No Man's Sky doesn't have ringed planets. I mean, right? In our own solar system alone, four of the eight planets have rings, so what gives? Space Dreams gives you rings, and you can even see them while standing on the surface of a ringed planets. Cool. It also adds binary stars and a lot of visual improvements.

Fast Actions

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There's a big galaxy to explore, and no time to waste if you want to visit each and every one of the 18 quintillion planets. So, you'd probably rather not stand there waiting for a little circle to fill every time you want to interact with something. This mod provides instant input for menu selection, entering your ship, chatting with NPCs, moving resources from your suit to your ship, and a few other actions.

Ultimate Flight Mod

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Flying No Man's Sky's spaceship has always felt a little wobbly and unresponsive. This mod makes a number of changes to how your ships handle, with more fluid steering, a 1:1 ratio between moving your reticle and steering your ship, and other improvements. It's been updated for Atlas Rises but isn't 100% complete yet, so keep an eye on it for further fixes.

Alternate Spaceships

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I like No Man's Sky's procedurally generated ships, but you tend to reach a point where you feel like even if you haven't seen every possible iteration, you've kind of seen them all. This mod adds a more exotic generation system for creating ships, including freighters, which will freshen up both the ships you see and the ones you fly.

Rise of the Machines

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You only really catch a look at sentinel walkers when you're on the run after stealing some rare baubles from the surface of a planet, and then you're probably too busy shooting at them to appreciate their presence. This mod adds both bipedal and four-legged bots randomly to planets, and even generates them at different sizes. More robots in a sci-fi game can only be a good thing.

Big Things

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Stepping foot on an alien planet should be daunting, even if it isn't raining battery acid. This mod cranks up the size of things like plants, trees, and rocks, which will add a bit more wonder when you pop out of your spaceship. Even resource crystals may now loom over you, adding a little more of a wow-factor to the planets you visit.

Reduced Launch Cost

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Plutonium is never hard to find, but that doesn't mean it's not mildly irritating to have to look for it when your launch thrusters run out of juice. And they run out often. This mod reduces the cost of refueling those thrusters. You can set it to use half or one-quarter the cost, or make it so you never have to fuel them at all, which is maybe how the game should have worked in the first place.

Busier Space

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There are three versions of this mod that makes alien creatures bigger and thus more interesting. The first version keeps some creatures small, while enlarging others. The second does away with small creatures, meaning you'll only find medium-sized and huge ones. The third version makes every creature huge so you can really feel like you've entered an alien dinosaur park.

Refresh Icons Menu

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This mod cleans things up your menu a bit, providing inventory icons for your warp drive, grenades, pulse engines, health, and shields that have been slickly redesigned but still match the game's aesthetics. These new icons carry over to your HUD as well. There's also a black background rather than a transparent one for a cleaner look.

Remove chromatic aberration, vignetting and scanlines

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Does what it says on the tin. If you're not a fan of the visual filters used in No Man's Sky, this will remove them for you. With this mod you'll feel less like you're wandering around with a space helmet on (which technically you are, but never mind). If this doesn't work quite the way you want, try the Instagram Filter Removal mod.

Replace scanner with binoculars

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Not a fan of the scanner for some reason? If you'd prefer some ye olde binoculars, there is a mod for that. It obviously reduces your field of view, but if you just really love binoculars for some reason, well, here you go.