Ninja is writing a book that will teach you to become an 'unstoppable' gamer

(Image credit: Penguin Random House)

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, the greatest gamer of all time, is writing a book. In fact, he's writing three books, one of which will help you, a lowly scrub, become an "unstoppable" gaming machine.

Set to come out in August, "Ninja: Get Good" promises to reveal "hardworking tips" for gamers seeking to emulate the man at the top, including "using the best equipment, practicing with purpose, developing a streaming strategy, and pulling together the right team." August will also see the release of a Ninja notebook that will come with stickers, prompts, and gaming tips.

"As a team we've been pursuing Ninja for some time and we are thrilled that in Get Good he has produced a hugely entertaining but incredibly practical book about the art and science of gaming," Emma Smith, editorial direct at publisher Ebury, said in a statement. "It is going to give players across the world exactly what they want—the inside track on how to be the next Ninja."

In December, Ninja will move into the realm of fiction with a graphic novel entitled Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game, co-written by Justin Jordan and illustrated by Felipe Magaña. It promises a very different sort of experience that begins when Ninja receives a mysterious email inviting him to "an impossibly realistic, challenging, and addictive game."

"As the best player in the world, Ninja's unable to resist a challenge and soon discovers that there's more to this game than meets the eye. Teleported into the battle royale's universe, a digitized Ninja must start from scratch, finding a way to win the game—and save the world. Along the way, he meets valuable friends and ultimately fulfills a destiny larger than he ever could have imagined. Set in a fictional world created by notable comics writer Justin Jordan and comics artist Felipe Magaña, this is the first in a graphic novel series that offers a new way for Ninja fans of all ages to experience the gaming streamer's unmatched wits and skill."

More information, previews, and preorder links for all three books—Get Good, Ninja Notebook, and Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game—are available from Penguin Random House.

Andy Chalk

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