Nier: Automata footage shows fast-firing robot battles

Platinum's action RPG Nier: Automata arrives on PlayStation 4 consoles on March 7, and while it's without a concrete launch date for now is expected on PC later this year. The game's latest extended 29-minute footage appears on PS4 and offers a glimpse at some of its environments and systems, and a slice of its characters and combat—the latter of which includes an intriguing post-death mechanic.    

As explained on the US PlayStation Blog, players assume control of an android who, upon death, sees their memory and data uploaded to a new body before being redeployed into battle. Should you return to the site of where you died you have the option to either retrieve the body Dark Souls-style and receive a bonus, or attempt to repair the body. If you're successful, your old body can be reactivated and join you in battle. If not, the body will corrupt and turn hostile. 

Further information on that and lots more can be found on the PS Blog—including your purpose within its post-apocalyptic world, how you'll level up and what to expect from its battle systems. 

Hosted by PlayStation Underground, here's around 29 minutes of some of that in action: 

Again, no solid launch date for Nier: Automata on PC. While Automata is a sequel to 2010's console-exclusive Nier, its developers say it is "pretty much a standalone game."