Nier: Automata gets long-awaited AMD fix with driver update

Nier: Automata is one of the saddest games ever made but is nevertheless one of the best action RPGs I've ever played. Despite struggling to define it, few games have mixed such tight combat, emotive storytelling and engaging systems with similar flair—which makes it all the more upsetting some players have found it unplayable as a result of crashes and bugs. 

AMD cards have seemingly had the worst of it—players have reported white screen crashes, stuttering frame rates and resolution issues when playing in fullscreen mode—however a new driver update looks to remedy the problem. 

Speaking on AMD's corner of Reddit a representative for the company said: 

"We've got a driver update coming very soon with (finally) a fix for the game, and a few other notable items too. I know I will be asked 'why did it take so long' and the short answer is sometimes when an issue seems like it's so simple can turn out to be incredibly complicated to resolve, taking longer than expected time to discover, resolve, and verify the root cause. 

"Please keep in mind that we do read this subreddit, other related subreddits and forums, and even if we don't directly engage, we are listening. Please post here if the next driver fixes the issue for you, we want to stay on top of it and ensure this problem is gone for good."

A subsequent edit underscores the fact this particular fix is designed to prevent the "white screen issue". Full notes on the update can be found this way.  

So, AMD Nier players: have you struggled with the so-called white screen issue and what are your thoughts on the fix? Let us know in the comments south of here. If you've been holding off playing Nier until now, have a look Andy's review before you dive in. 

 Thanks, RPS.