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Nier: Automata fixes are still being worked on

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Nier: Automata is very good, but the PC port isn’t. In his review, Andy called the game remarkable, but lamented the 30fps cutscenes, cursor problems, and crashes with AMD cards. Not unheard of problems in the realm of ports, but what is a surprise is that four months on, not a lot has been done about them.

As day one patches become increasingly common, the lack of updates since March is a bit unexpected. The closest thing to an official patch was an AMD driver update last month, which tackled the crashes that AMD users were suffering.

In a statement sent to Eurogamer, Square Enix explained that the developers can’t fix the problems on their own and are going to continue working with hardware manufacturers like AMD to solve the issues.

"Square Enix and PlatinumGames are working with PC device manufacturers, like AMD, to address the issues with the Steam version of the game because some of the issues are not what Square Enix and PlatinumGames alone can resolve fundamentally. With AMD's help, Square Enix and PlatinumGames have successfully resolved some of the issues, and we hope to achieve similar results with other hardware makers. We appreciate your continued patience and support for Nier: Automata.

How does Nier: Automata run for you?

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