Nidhogg release date announced in new acrobatic trailer

For those of you who, through a desire for new year self-improvement, are newly committed to working out, be thankful that help is on its way. Sure, Nidhogg won't get you fit - even if it will provide a rigorous workout for your fingers. But the sight of these two pugilists running, flipping and throwing their way to victory definitely feels exhausting, as this new release date announcement trailer demonstrates.

As the trailer reveals, the side-scrolling indie sword-'em-up will finally be available to buy through Steam on January 13th. It's certainly been a long time coming. It was back in late-2010 that former PCG'ers Graham and Tom were filming their in-game duels , and excitedly talking about how polished and responsive it all felt.

It'll be interesting what extra features and moves the final release will bring. Just from the trailer, you can see support for a tournament mode, plenty of different arenas, and a giant flying worm thing.

Phil Savage

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