PC Gamer UK Podcast 48: The Indie Special

Graham, Tom, Craig and Rich convene to discuss the future of indie. We've played a bunch of interesting games coming out in the next year that may not be on your radar yet, and should be. Under discussion: repulsive goo-splasher Confetti Carnival, bumbling clone orgy The Swapper, slapstick swordfighting deathmatcher Nidhogg, nerve-fraying mind war Spy Party, four-dimensional puzzle garden Miegakure, and rope-carrying-parrot simulator Rope Racket.

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To help explain what we're talking about a bit, Nidhogg creator Messhof was kind enough to let us post a video of Graham and I playing it. It's embedded below.

It works something like a two-player version of the original Prince of Persia - whoever is killed in the initial swordfight takes on the role of a guard, trying to stop the other player progressing. He respawns endlessly until he succeeds in killing the other player, at which point their roles reverse and the former guard can now progress in the opposite direction. The swordplay - largely thanks to the ability to simply throw yours at the enemy - is hilarious.