Next Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update will let you make the game smaller

(Image credit: Activision)

In a bit of news that let PC storage systems the world over sigh for relief, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is finally going to allow mode-specific uninstallation options for PC Modern Warfare. Tomorrow's patch, 1.28, will include a fix. 

1.28 comes out late at night will finally let you trim down on the absolute disk-space-eating monster that Modern Warfare has become. You'll be able to only install the modes of the game you're actually going to use. Paul Haile, the Production Director on Modern Warfare, made the announcement through Twitter

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Earlier this month the game's size crept up to the point where it would no longer fit on a 250GB SSD. Which surprised us, because it was already huge at 175GB on launch but apparently was only going to get bigger. (It did not surprise us, actually.) With a full campaign, co-op mode, and games-as-a-service battle royale within, it was inevitable that Modern Warfare would get bigger. This was planned for on console, where players have been able to install one mode at a time for a while, but it's a feature that PC players lost in Call of Duty's move from Steam to the Battlenet client.

It's not yet known what else is in the 1.28 update, but it's already the best patch for PC players.

Modern Warfare recently released its 6th season, which added two new operators, a friendly bat, subway train rides, and a sniper rifle which our Morgan Park called "an overpowered death laser."

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