Call of Duty: Warzone now lets you ride the subway and befriend a bat

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone's sixth season started this morning, the biggest addition of which is a fast travel system that will let you experience the delights of commuting in Verdansk. As always, it's accompanied by a new battle pass that doles out new weapons and operators, along with some new maps to fight in, and more coming across the season. 

The Verdansk Metro should make it easier to get around Warzone's battle royale map. Just pop into one of the subway stations, grab a train and get to the next station in the line in a few seconds. That's if there's nobody else down there, of course. The Metro won't run if there's any fighting, but these stations also seem like the perfect spots for ambushes. 

Joining the Metro is a new Warzone mode, Armored Royale, which gifts squads with a different transport method: an armoured cargo truck. It's got armour plating and a nasty turret, and your squad can respawn if it's still trucking. 

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Modern Warfare, meanwhile, has had a supply drop of new maps and modes, including a quartet of free multiplayer maps that Infinity Ward reckons should keep you entertained no matter what size of fight you fancy getting into. Gunfight gets a train station, Ground War gets a sleepy Verdansk riverside suburb, the Broadcast TV station map from the first Modern Warfare is returning for 6v6 modes, and you'll be able to get into fights in the Milastor Tank Factory in both 6v6 and 10v10 matches.

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On the modes front, Infinity Ward's put together a Kill Confirmed variant that tasks you with collecting killstreaks, which don't reset on death. The catch is that to earn the streak you need to collect enemy dog tags. It's those dog tags that will be tallied up at the end of the match. There's also Gun Game TDM, a hybrid of Gun Game and Team Deathmatch, a twist on Headquarters and a twist on Hardpoint.

To load up on freebies, you can clear up daily, weekly and mission challenges, and there's 20 tiers of free stuff in the battle pass. Amid the less attractive things, like cosmetic flair for your profile and new songs, are a pair of new weapons, the SP-R208 marksman rifle and the AS-VAL assault rifle. The premium pass opens up all 100 tiers and lets you get your hands on the new operators, Farah and Nikolai.

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The highlight of the premium battle pass has got to be Edward, who is a bat. Presumably named after that undead fella from Twilight, Edward's a new finishing move, so you'll be able to make your enemies' final moments terrifying by flinging a massive bat at them. Amazing. You can also summon an actual undead companion by shelling out on the Undead Forces bundle, which includes a Hellhound.

The update is out now, so you'd better make room for it. On PC, it's a hefty one. It's 25GB if you've just got Warzone, and it's 57GB if you own Modern Warfare. Take a gander at the patch notes.

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