Where to find your New World pre-order, deluxe edition, and Twitch drop items

New World woodsman armor
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It's no fun starting a new MMO and being stuck wearing the same old raggedy threads as everyone else. Fortunately, New World—which launched today and is already one of Steam's most popular games—has a whole system where you can swap out the basic armor appearances for much flashier cosmetic DLC. Figuring out how that system works, though, is a little tricky. Here are the available items and how to access them. 

How to access deluxe edition and Twitch drop items 

If you purchase the deluxe edition of New World, you get access to a handful of extra goodies including some Woodsman armor skins and a Woodsman hatchet skin. At the same time, there's currently a Twitch drop for New World which will earn you some cool Vinespun weapon skins if you watch a cumulative 10 hours of streams with New World Twitch drops enabled. So right off the bat you'll have access to some unique skins that you'll probably want to show off to other players.

For Twitch drops, you'll have to link your Steam and Twitch accounts and then, after watching 10 hours of New World streams, redeem those items via Twitch. Here's a quick guide on how to do that along with some more information about how long this New World Twitch drop will be available.

For your deluxe edition items, the good news is they're automatically added to your character once you start playing. There are no additional steps to redeem these items. It's confusing though, since there's no inventory menu that shows you all the cosmetic items you've unlocked.

Instead, you right click on a piece of armor you have equipped and select "Change Skin" from the dropdown menu. This will open a new window that shows all the possible skins for that specific gear slot (most will be unlocked via microtransactions or in-game progression). Scan through that list and you'll find the Woodsman skin that corresponds with that gear slot. You'll have to repeat this step for your headwear, chest, legs, gloves, and boots. The Woodsman cosmetic set also has a weapon skin for the hatchet, so if you're using a one-handed axe you can also change its skin too.

That same process can be used to access any skins you might buy from the in-game store or unlock, including from the current Twitch Drop.

If you're wondering how you might access the rest of your deluxe edition items, here's a quick overview:

  • Isabella's Amulet: This should already be equipped to your amulet slot when you start a new character.
  • Unique title: Found in the Character menu under the Bio tab
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors and Fist Bump emotes: Found in the emote window (press P)
  • Mastiff house pet: Only accessible once you unlock housing at level 15
  • Digital art book: Right click on New World in your Steam library, select properties and then DLC to find where it's downloaded on your drive. 
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