This new screen from Asus is big, fast, and TUF

TUF Gaming VG34VQL1B
(Image credit: Asus)
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Black Friday deals

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Size isn’t everything, but for those with slightly more desk space than others, only an ultrawide monitor will do. Of course, you’re going to want a decent resolution and refresh rate, and Asus has your back with its newly announced TUF Gaming VG34VQL1B.

It’s easy to mock the naming schemes firms come up with for their products. Fun too. But we’re not quite sure if we prefer the random-numbers-and-digits approach or the needlessly aggressive one that sees motherboards labelled ‘crossbow’ and RAM ‘dominator’. Until we receive word of a USB add-on board literally called ‘gun’, we’ll make do with what we’ve got.

Asus’ new screen is a biggie, with a 34in diagonal and 3440x1440 resolution. The refresh rate goes up to 165Hz, response time is 1ms MPRT, and there’s Freesync Premium. 

Around the back you’ll find two DisplayPort 1.4s, two HDMI 2.0s, and three USB ports. There’s even a pair of 2W speakers, though we don’t hold out much hope for them. The whole thing is 80.7cm across, and weighs 9KG including its stand.

Ultrawides are gaining popularity in the world of the best gaming monitors, and there’s even been some superbroad activity in the Black Friday Deals.