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New Saints Row reboot video has actual gameplay footage

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Publishers love to release CG videos for forthcoming games that fail to show what the game will actually look like. That was the case last week when the public got its first glimpse of the new Saints Row game (opens in new tab), but the video above is sprinkled with some helpful in-engine gameplay footage.

It's not a generous chunk of footage, though, as the 7 minute video mostly focuses on Volition developers talking about the reboot. Topics covered include the new American southwest setting of Santo Ileso, which is a city surrounded by large swathes of southwestern wilderness, all the better for vehicular chaos. We also get a breakdown of who the Saints actually are in this instalment, as well as brief profiles of some of the enemy syndicates they'll be fighting.

Combat looks fairly in-keeping with previous instalments: there ain't an obvious cover shooting system to speak of, but the weaponry, the colour-schemes, and the vehicles all look pretty over the top (though maybe not to the same extent as Saints Row 4).

While the in-game footage is welcome, most of what's covered in the vid can be learned from Morgan's lengthy Saints Row gameplay preview (opens in new tab) from last week. It hits the Epic Game Store on February 25.

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