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New Overwatch hero Baptiste comes off the PTR next week

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In February Blizzard unveiled the new Overwatch hero Baptiste, a combat medic with a tormented past who decided to renounce the villainous Talon to make a positive difference in the world. He's been playable on the PTR since then, and today Blizzard announced that he'll move up to the big leagues on March 19. 

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We got a look at Baptiste's multitude of skins (including a pirate-themed outfit, yo-ho-ho) last week, and you can learn about his abilities here. If you're more interested in the character's background—why he joined Talon, his relationship with Sombra, how to properly pronounce his name, and his favorite food—this Q&A thread on the Blizzard forums (which also has some tips on gameplay) can help.   

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